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Guest House, Toronto, Canada

From $195,560

Nestled completely within Toronto, this wonderful personal residence exemplifies the whole scope of our building expertise. We embarked on this venture from the very beginning, conducting thorough soil research to determine the maximum creating site. This careful approach ensured a good basis for the mother’s dream home. We finally collaborated strongly with the homeowners to create a customized design that easily blended their vision with contemporary functionality. Conservation was a key priority, but we integrated eco-pleasant technologies throughout the construction process. This not only minimized the home’s environmental impact but also created a healthier life environment for the home. From the inviting decor style to the beautifully landscaped grounds, every aspect reflects our commitment to creating not just a home, but a shelter. Guest House stands as a testament to our ability to transform perception into a real one, providing a personal property that perfectly suits Toronto life. Are you ready to explain your wish home? Contact us today and this engages on this fascinating trip together.

This language expands on the initial factors:

  • Describe the project’s location( Toronto) and the type of residence( private residence for a family).
  • Highlighting the completeness of the company, from primary stages like soil analysis to last touches like inside and vegetation design.
  • Emphasizing the use of organic materials and contemporary eco-pleasant technologies, appealing to socially conscious clients.
  • Positioning “Guest House” as a powerful case of the company’s personal home design solutions.

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Client: Awesome Company
Location: Toronto, ON
Surface Area: 450 m2
Year Completed: 2021
Architect: Babich Akzibekian

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