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In addition to lease leadership, development architecture, development study, and management, MBHomeRENO offers full-service project management and construction phase services. The Project Manager is in charge of the project group, which has been created specifically to meet the specific tasks and requirements of each task.

The Project Manageris in charge of carrying out the tasks in a timely and effective way, reporting instantly to all staff members, including sub-consultants, collaborates with the consumer to create and maintain both a task schedule and budget.

The Project Manager typically serves as the lawyer’s point of contact, ensuring client consistency throughout the project’s lifecycle. This strategy reduces confusion and the possibility of misplaced or insufficient information being transferred. We create and maintain building schedules through our services.

Work-in-progress documents are reviewed by our in-house QC/QA Team, which includes the creation of Facility Plans as well as during primary design and last design, in order to adhere to the appropriate standards set forth by the regulatory and funding bodies. A designated QA/QC Team completes a general overview of the entire project philosophy and design viewpoint. Reviews are conducted at specific stages, typically at 50% and 90% completion, to make sure the project is progressing in accordance with the project’s scope and the work adheres to sound engineering practices. To keep cost control, each review includes an analysis of the task contract budget.

The Process

Our success depends in large part on creating a good and successful work environment. In light of this, we value team members who have a can-do approach and a commitment to go the extra mile. What distinguishes us from other companies is how we support one another and exceed client expectations.( approximately) 690 figures

This development highlights how exceeding client expectations may be attributed to a can-do attitude. Additionally, it emphasizes the company’s teamwork and reciprocal assistance.

Everything we do is grounded in dignity. Because we believe in the highest ethical standards, our clients deserve it. Our employees expectations of both their authority and each other are also high. Through clarity, fairness, and doing the right thing, we believe in creating respect. We can cultivate a positive work environment and produce top-notch results for our clients because of this solid moral base.

The motivation for the responsibility to high moral standards is explained in this development. It makes a connection between morality and fostering confidence and a positive work environment and emphasizes the importance of both clients and employees.

Creativity is the key to pushing restrictions in the construction business, which is constantly evolving. We can create absolutely spectacular structures by embracing new elements, practices, and systems. Imagine structures that are both visually stunning, energy-efficient, and yet self-healing! In this spirit of inquiry, we can reinterpret what is feasible and influence how the built environment will develop in the future.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install my electric service after meeting with an engineer?

Depending on how many demands our architectural department receives, a job order may take longer to complete. Eight to twelve weeks are typically required between the time it takes for a job buy to be implemented before the electrical line extension is installed.

Do I have a choice of overhead or underground facilities?

Unless there are already existing state or city ordinances, the homeowner typically has a choice. We don't install overhead facilities if there aren't any underground facilities for the tapping point

How is an easement obtained, if required?

The customer is responsible for contacting the property owner(s), but our engineer will provide the necessary easement documentation to the customer requesting the line extension.


What do customers say about our work?

Highly Recommended
I selected MBHomeReno among other companies because of good recommendations I’ve heard. I am completely satisfied with their work.
Mary Karter
April 20, 2018
Impressive Quality
Working with Mbhomereno is a pleasure, as working with high-class professionals is always a pleasure. Quality of their work is impressive.
Kimberly Barker
May 7, 2018
Exclusivity and Comfort
Me and my company are grateful to M&B for creating for us exclusive and very comfortable working space. When we need renovation we will select their!
Adam Smith
March 13, 2018